Fred M. van Eck Scholarships:
Graduate Assistantships
Description: The Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center (HTIRC) at Purdue University is seeking outstanding candidates interested in working toward M.S. or Ph.D. degrees. Areas of research include: development of plant tissue culture and genetic modification technologies for tree improvement; conservation and population genetics; forest tree breeding; forest entomology; nursery, outplanting, and silvicultural stand management.
Fred M. van Eck Foundation for Purdue University: Funding for the van Eck Scholarships is provided by the Fred M. van Eck Foundation for Purdue University whose purpose is to support research in the genetic improvement of high-value North American hardwood tree species.
Qualifications: Candidates should have well developed quantitative skills and knowledge and experience in biological sciences such as forestry, horticulture, botany, plant biology, genetics, physiology, entomology, or pathology. Candidates should have a GPA of at least 3.4 and GRE scores averaging above the 60th percentile.
Assistantships will be awarded at $18,500 (M.S.) and $21,000 (Ph.D.) per year. In addition, an annual research budget ($10,000) will be available for research support and a laptop computer will be provided for the duration of the scholarship.
Applications or Additional Information: For fall semester, (August 2015), applications must be received by December 12, 2014 (M.S. and Ph.D). Applicants must mail a short (one page) letter of interest, resume, cumulative GPA, GRE scores, TOEFL scores (international students only) and three letters of reference to Purdue University Graduate School and indicate the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources. Please visit: and contact Douglass Jacobs (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) prior to submitting a formal application and communicate with him as your potential adviser.

Get Involved!

A variety of other scholarships and research opporunities are available for students interested in pursuing graduate degrees. In addition, you can volunteer with us and learn about native Hawaiian forests, restoration and conservation, and tree breeding (class credits might be available for UH students). So if you would like to get involved with the TropHTIRC, we encourage you to contact us and find out more about our ongoing projects.


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