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Koa symposium 2016   

koa2The Tropical Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center (TropHTIRC) is hosting the "Acacia koa in Hawaii: Facing the Future" Symposium 2016. The event will take place at the University of Hawaii Hilo, Campus Center, Room 301 (click here to view map) on October 5th, 2016 from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, followed by a reception at the Hilo Yacht Club. The focus of the symposium is to convey the current state of scientific knowledge in management and ecology of koa with purpose of informing present and future management under a changing environment. This event will feature recent scientific and management advancement of koa.

 Title: Acacia koa in Hawaii: Facing the Future

Date: October 4th (Field Tour) and 5th (Symposium)

Symposium Sponsorship
Akaka Foundation for Tropical Forests
County of Hawaii Department of Research & Development
Hawaii Forest Industry Association
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Tropical Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center
University of Hawaii at Manoa, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources
USDA Forest Service

Registration: $100. Registration will close on September 26th.
Capacity: 120 people.


-Commercial forestry:
Theme format: Short presentations and/or panel discussion:
• Greg Hendrickson (Hokukano/Kealakekua Ranch): Conservation easements and selling of koa logs.
• Steve McMinn (Pacific Rim Tonewoods): Harvesting of planted koa: A case study from Haleakala Ranch.
• Jay Warner (Awapuhi Farms): Trends in securing and milling koa.
• J. B. Friday (University of Hawaii) Value of young growth koa and consumer preferences for koa color and figure.

• Douglass Jacobs (Purdue University), Anthony Davis (Oregon State University), Kas Dumroese (USDA Forest Service), Diane Haase (USDA Forest Service), and Jeremy Pinto (USDA Forest Service): Applying the target plant concept for regeneration and restoration of koa.
• Bradley Kaufmann (University of Hawaii): Modifying Acacia koa root morphology in nursery culture to promote survival, establishment, and growth.
 James Leary (University of Hawaii), Jeremy Pinto (USDA Forest Service) and Anthony Davis (Oregon State University): Chemical site preparation and interactions with koa nursery stocktypes and edaphic conditions.
• Travis Idol (University of Hawaii), Paul Scowcroft (USDA Forest Service-retired), and J.B. Friday (University of Hawaii): Stand management of koa: Thinning and fertilization.
• Nick Koch (Forest Solutions): An integrated program for koa plantation establishment (mechanical, chemical, fertilization, pruning, thinning)

-Tree improvement: 
• Richard Sniezko (USDA Forest Service), Nick Dudley (Hawaii Agriculture Research Center), Tyler Jones (Hawaii Agriculture Research Center):  Breeding wilt resistance in koa.
• Christina Linag (USDA Forest Service), Jessica Wright (USDA Forest Service), Nick Dudley (Hawaii Agriculture Research Center): Koa seed zones: What do we know? What do we need to know?
• Carrie Pike (USDA Forest Service) and Oriana Rueda Krauss (University of Hawaii): Designing a long-term tree improvement program for koa.

-Ecology and ecophysiology:
• Kyle Earnshaw (Purdue University): Adaptive significance of changes from true leaves to phyllodes in koa.
Benjamin Sleeter (U.S. Geological Suvery): State and Transition Simulation Moled (ST_SIM).
• Paul Selmants (USDA Forest Service) Jim Jacobi (USGS), Clay Trauernicht (University of Hawaii), JB Friday (University of Hawaii):  Current / potential landscape distribution of koa and associated carbon dynamics.
Rick Camp (UH Hilo) and Eben Paxton (USGS):  Forest restoration for wildlife: Acacia koa in Hawaii.

Parking: All visitors are to enter the campus through the main entrance and pass the guard station. There will be someone in the guard station from 6:00 am in the morning. Each vehicle will be charged a Day Pass of $3.00. Please note that parking fills up fast. For additional parking space please park on surrounding streets.

Lodging: Some of the hotels available at Hilo, Hawaii include the Hilo Seaside Hotel, the Hilo Naniloa Hotel, and the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel.

Eveneing Reception: Wednesday, October 5th from 4 pm. Heavy pupu and beverages at the Hilo Yacht Club. Max. 80 people.

To register: Please click here. Registration will close on September 26th.